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The new projects LHF 62 More Ands
and LHF 62 More Thes are now released.

We hope these sets will prove usefull tools for you to choose from.


The new LHF Tributary ColorType project is finished and ready
to help you add a freshly lettered color look to your designs. Not only
do the New Tributary characters have visible brush strokes, but they
are also in
CO LOR making it easy for you to manipulate using your
favorite graphics application. LHF Tributary ColorType is available
in your choice of two file sizes to make it easier for you to acheive the
best resolution for your needs. While we will be adding more infomation
and videos illustrating the simplicity of using ColorType soon, please
check out the examples below to spark your imagination.
LHF Tributary ColorType can be purchased at Letterhead Studios.

David has also been working on a panel font over the last several years.
Many of the panels are used in designs displayed on the individual font pages
of the Letterform Design website and are displayed here on the projects page
to demonstrate their characteristics as design elements.

This panel font is still in developement and we are working toward
releasing it in the very near future. Until the release of the font, the
individual panels are available as vector art at Letterhead Studios
gouped in sets for your convenience. For more information
please visit the Vector Panels page of this website.

Talbot FarmsLetterform Design

Heritage Manor Grandview Drive

Yesterday's Kitchen Wasburn Motors

American Business Center Blackstone

Delectable Garden Salad Premium Aribica Coffee

American Business Ledger Genuine Leather Clothing

Quigley nad York Dog Show

Shuler FlintlockMerry Christmas

Squeezebox Grindle

Cedar Creek Sheridan Script 1

Sheridan Script 2 Sanborn Thin

Sanborn Thin Shadow Blackstone 2

Castlerock 1 Castlerock 2

Big Bob Aledo

Tributary Ascribe

62 More Ands 62MoreThes

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